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About us

Founded in 1898 by former pupils and supporters of the Royal Masonic School for Boys, this premier London-based lodge draws its members from all parts of the UK and overseas and has forged deep links to sister lodges in other provinces and to other old boys’  lodges.  It is firmly grounded in the rich traditions of the boys’ schools and the Craft while embracing the wisdom and experience of senior masons and nurturing  the enthusiasm of younger members through its mentoring scheme. It aims to respect the Craft’s finest traditions while taking up the challenge of keeping all its brethren, including those unable to attend meetings, our lodge widows and dependents, in touch with a forward-looking and thinking fraternity through contact and social events and social media such as this website and blog.

It is a founding lodge of the Metropolitan Grand Lodge, a member of the Federation of School Lodges (current representatives W Bro T. Green, W Bro L. Thomas and Bro S. Greaves), and a founding lodge of the Association of London School Lodges (representative W Bro T. Green, SLGR). It is also a patron of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys, the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution and the Masonic Samaritan Fund. The lodge also has links to the 1,000-strong Old Masonians’ Association and the Royal Masonic School for Girls at Rickmansworth.

The rules and protocols governing the administration of the lodge, apart from its current by-laws, are governed by Metropolitan Grand Lodge and can be viewed after registration at:

Associated lodges and chapters: Old Masonians’ Midland Lodge No 6762, Old Masonians’ Middlesex Lodge No 7568, Old Masonians’ Rose Croix Chapter N0 556, Holy Royal Arch Torch Chapter No 7236 meeting at 10 Duke Street, St James’s, London on first Friday in Feb and May, and first Monday in October at 5pm

Membership is open to all freemasons and enquiries should be addressed in the first instance to the secretary at

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  1. Roland Arthur Johnson permalink

    Connaught House 1970-74 and a member of Ynys Lodge No 8274 visited this site

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